Unconventional Gas ‘Tank Volume’                              Calculator



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Here’s an example of the input screen for the (Excel/Crystal Ball® based - @Risk® version also available) unconventional gas volume calculator, .  Uncertainty in all inputs can be captured using either Lognormal or Beta Pert distributions, by using Distribution Type toggle; in the example below a mixture has been used.  Units can also be toggled (English/Metric, etc.).  Correlations can be modeled between inputs (e.g., porosity and gas saturation), and the user can toggle to either a ‘type’ gas composition (Dry/Intermediate/Wet) or, as below, an input composition.  There are  paragraphs of embedded help text. 


Clicking the red RUN SIMULATION button launches the application, and saves results to a summary page (see NEXT).







































On each iteration, the tool models a different pore volume and volumetric factor including effects of composition and uncertainty in PVT.

ExplAnalysis, Llc