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P. Jeffrey Brown (B.A. with Distinction in Geology, Duke University; M.Sc., Ph.D., in Geology, University of South Carolina) has worked for more than 21 years with Mobil and an additional 10 years as an industry consultant specializing in prospect and play analysis.  During his career he as been involved in the assessment of chance of success, volumes, and value for literally hundreds of prospects, concessions, and plays worldwide.


At Mobil his assignments included worldwide exploration and production, both technical and managerial, regional studies, and research.  He was involved with developing and implementing methods (and software) for providing consistent assessment of geologic chance and reasonable pre-drill estimates of volume for prospects and plays, which were used to prioritize Mobil's global exploration portfolio.


Since the Exxon/Mobil merger in 2000, Brown has taught courses about prospect and play risk analysis, consulted for clients assessing volume, chance, and value of exploration prospects, concessions and plays,  developed software for managing the play/concession assessment process, and provided input for numerous litigations involving oil and gas properties.  Most recently, he was a principal in a systematic global reconnaissance of every significant petroliferous basin for unconventional gas potential, leading his client (a multinational) to focus in certain regions.


Brown is a AAPG Certified Petroleum Geologist (#5734).  A list of references, experience and legal matters upon which he has consulted and/or provided expert testimony will be supplied upon request.


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