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ExplAnalysis, Inc., develops, markets, and maintains software designed to manage the exploration Risk Analysis process.  The software is fully probabilistic and is presented in the form of Excel® spreadsheets. To use the software, it is necessary to purchase either Oracle’s Crystal Ball® or Palisades’s @Risk® software—for pricing and other information, visit


                         Oracle and/or


While a basic understanding of Monte Carlo simulations in general and @RISK® or Crystal Ball® in particular is desirable, the manuals provided with the software (ours, ot theirs) make the user functional in probabilistic Risk Analysis in a matter of minutes.  In addition, the software contains a wealth of embedded help.


Software modules are available for the following analyses:


          1)  Prospect Analysis  - discrete oil or gas case.

          2)  Prospect Analysis  - mixed oil/gas case.

          3)  Concession/play analyses the ‘flagship’ of the software


          4)  Rollup of a portfolio of prospects - what is your

                       expectation for volumes found, and number of

                       discoveries made, for your exploration program?

          5)  Multizone prospect rollup (models chance relationships

                       and decision behavior) - 2 and 3 zones.

          6)  Oil/gas recovery tool  (based upon reservoir conditions

                       and oil/gas compostion).

          7)  Amplitude-related prospect risk analysis (with            

                       decision tree).

          8)  Lognormal plotting template.  Plot up to 1000 data

                       points on a log-probit scale, determine whether

                        your sample is lognormal, and review summary


          9)  Play ranking tool.  Rank a portfolio of opportunities

                       based upon a combination of strategic, fiscal,

                       and/or technical parameters, weighting their

                       importance to match your company’s strategy and

                       risk tolerance.

         10) NEW!! (Unconventional Gas Volumetric Tool).

                      Calculate ‘tank volume’ (GIIP), technically and

                      commercially recoveble volumes, and per-well

                      yield (range in average recovery) from inputs

                      capturing uncertainty in area/thickness, depth,

                      PVT and reservoir characteristics.  Example

        11) NEW!! (Unconventional Gas Well Aggregator).

                      Most stochastic volumetric estimators available on the market are fundamentally flawed in that on each iteration, the same ‘parent’ EUR distribution is sampled - this implies perfect knowledge of future results.  Using the method developed by Brown and Haskett, the user models an ‘uncertainty envelope’ for per/well recoveries, which is aggregated to geologic and commecial volumes. Example


Prices for this software suite are competitive, and include support.  Licenses are sold by office/site, structured to the size of the organization.  Contact EAI for evaluation versions of the software.


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