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ExplAnalysis offers training in Risk Analysis principles for analysis of prospects and plays, with a specialty in concession/play analysis.  The courses are informative and entertaining and have received high marks from attendees. Multiple versions of these courses have been selected for presentation by AAPG at Annual Meetings.


Courses are 2-5 days in length, depending upon content.  Course content can be tailored to company needs.  A ‘traditional’, primarily lecture (with projected demonstrations) and a ‘workshop’ version of risk analysis training are available.  All courses come with extensive, high quality course notes. 


Each course provides a series of ‘global rules of thumb’ to be used as reality checks, the statistical underpinning for the analysis, techniques for manipulating field size distributions, similarities and contrasts between prospect and play risk analysis, and techniques for ranking plays based upon company strategy.  If requested, the course can include basic training in the stochastic engine that will be used by the company (Crystal Ball® or @RISK®).


The final portion of each course is generally spent analyzing one or more prospects,  concessions or plays (provided by class participants), to reinforce concepts, demonstrate proper questions to raise, and pinpoint potential pitfalls in the analysis.


NEW!!! Play Based Exploration TrainingDr. Brown has spent the past 4+ years embedded within an IOC, helping to develop a company-consistent methodology for Play-Based Exploration.  During that time, he learned a lot about the pitfalls (and solutions) for such an implementation.  This knowledge, along with his global basin and petroleum system perspective, have been incorporated into an intensive 3-4 day workshop on  play mapping techniques.  This is a truly unique course in the industry.


The course is designed as a series of ‘vignettes’, each followed by a practical mapping or data analysis exercise. A company-internal training dataset is developed as part of the offering and is one of the key unique aspects of the course. The course has been offered to mid-caps, nationals, and multinationals with a very favorable response. 


Note that a version specifically tailored to the terminology and inputs used in Geoknowledge’s GeoX® play software suite.


The courses are competitively priced. Contact EAI for details.


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