ExplAnalysis, Llc

118 Berwick Drive

Oak Ridge, TN

37830 USA

Systematic, objective, and realistic assessments of oil and gas exploration properties

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Phone: 817-637-6189

email: jbrown_geologist@hotmail.com


**Software now available for volumetric assessment

of Unconventional Plays Link

**Industry-standard Play - Based Exploration

Course now available Link


ExplAnalysis, Llc was founded in 2009 by P. Jeffrey Brown, PhD. to provide access to rapid and reasonably-priced valuations of exploration assets - either individual prospects (single or multiple objectives), groups of prospects, concessions, or geologic plays - as well as industry-standard training and software at very competitive rates.


ExplAnalysis utilizes best-practice methods (see Methodology page) to assure that results are consistent and realistic. Specific services provided include:


 Prospect chance and volume assessment

 Concession/Play assessment

 Software to manage the Risk Analysis process

 Volume/Chance assessment of continuous (statistical) Plays

 Validation of company-current Risk Analysis methodologies

 Verification of third party estimates of prospects offered to your firm for farmin and/or sale

 Estimates of chance and volume for properties your firm plans to market or sell, or are considering purchasing

 Expert Testimony and/or consultation in legal matters involving exploration acreage (e.g., Due Diligence)

 Performance Analysis / Lookbacks

 Training in prospect risk analysis, strategic play analysis, and play-based exploration methods